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What Android smartphone should I buy? (European/global edition April 2019)

IT - 24.03.2019 - Markoff

All options/prices are for European market for phones from European distribution with European warranty, but apply pretty much worldwide (especially in Asia which has even lower prices and more options) with exception of USA/Canada which use exotic 4G LTE standards, so we won't be dealing with these special snowflakes here. If you find recommendations here outdated or need more information head every Thursday to What should I buy pinned thread in r/Android. If you want quickly filter through bunch of phones, compare the phones and see your options head to Kimovil (or GSMarena, although with worse filtering options, but Kimovil sometimes miss data), where you will find also options to buy from Aliexpress and Chinese shops, where it's risk your shipment will be slapped with 20% VAT (or whatever it's your local VAT, customs fee it's usually negligible amount) and trouble dealing with warranty, in general not really worth consideration with EU prices 30-50EUR higher for no risk of additional VAT and proper EU warranty.

I have iPhone SE or small Android phone and I want very small smartphone.
You are out of luck, pretty much your only options are Sony XZ2 Compact (still pretty modern powerful SD845, 135mm length, SD slot, USB type C, small battery but doable with Sony power optimization, but no jack) for ~450EUR and Nokia 8 Sirocco (slightly bigger and more expensive than Sony, so not really worth considering, especially since Nokia it's just reseller of Foxconn phones, all R&D and manufacture it's done by Foxconn, HMD just slap Nokia sticker on it resulting in lots of built quality and software issues, since they are just reseller). If you don't want to spend 450EUR good luck, there is no small budget phone with decent recent SoC.

I want cheapest smartphone and I am aware of compromises (beggars can't be choosers).
Look no further than Redmi 7 for 140EUR, it has big battery, nice design, SD slot, decent SD632 SoC for its budget, big display with good resolution and jack. If you don't like MIUI (though if you really care about it, unlock bootloader and slap there custom ROM) you can get for same price Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite with worse outdated SD625, smaller display (might be benefit) with bigger notch and rest of specs it's similar. Only in this category I would recommend considering order from Aliexpress/Kimovil shops since there are more options not available in Europe for low prices like Zenfone Max Pro M2 or Realme phones.

I want good budget smartphone.
This category it is usually pretty packed, but to make it easy - Redmi Note 7 it's great phone with exception of camera (even camera it's OK for its price), it has modern powerful SoC, nice design, USB type C, jack, SD slot, big battery everything you can think of, actually unless you do heavy gaming or require really good camera it would be good choice for majority of users, cost roughly 220EUR. Redmi has here quite surprising contender Samsung M20 which cost pretty much same, offer more reputable brand and software (unless you unlock Redmi), better design with smaller body/bezels, bigger battery (5000 vs 4000mAh), but significantly weaker SoC, no LED notification and worse camera, you can buy it around 220EUR only through Samsung shops. What about bunch of those phones from Honor (10 Lite, 8X, P Smart 2019)? They are on par with Redmi Note 7 (jack, SD, comparable SoC), but offer worse cameras, no USB type C and smaller batteries, so pretty much same as M20, but M20 has at least nice design and huge battery to stand out. But yeah if you wanna save few euros 10 lite it's worth considering, though RN7 it's king. If you wanna smaller 5.7" display in quite small body, decent camera, SD slot, jack, NFC, USB type C and waterproofing and don't mind no software updates and older Android you might consider LG G6, its older SoC has still performance comparable with phones in this category and offer smaller body without notch, NFC and waterproofing, though you will pay extra 30EUR at 250EUR for it, but it's an option.

I want smartphone with good performance (for gaming) and I don't care much about camera, low price it's bonus.
Honor Play has you covered, for 260EUR you will get last year flagship SoC from Huawei, big 6.3" display in quite narrow 74.3mm body with big 3750mAh battery, SD slot, jack, LED notification, NFC, USB type C, it's basically flagship without flagship camera. For 10 more euros at 270EUR you can get Pocophone F1, which looks on paper like a great phone, offer bigger battery than Play, more powerful SoC, better camera (with gcam), but built quality it's quite bad, it has issues over time and has MASSIVE notch eliminating you notification/status bar unless you use two rows solutions, basically adding large top bezel to phone plus no NFC. Personally especially because of massive notch and quality issues I would still rather go for Honor Play despite better camera and more raw power in F1, battery size difference it's negliblle. Around 280EUR you can get Honor 10, which it's basically smaller Honor Play with smaller notch and much better camera, but no SD card and smaller battery (but will get even heavy users through one day). Another option but already for ~320EUR would be LG G7, which it's basically Honor 10 with slightly bigger display with higher resolution, slightly faster SD845, SD slot, waterproofing and small 3000mAh battery, basically waterproofing and bad battery for 40EUR extra.

I want good camera for good price.
Xiaomi Mix 2s offer maybe the best value for money from all phones in market - you get top notch camera with OIS, last year flagship SD845 without compromises, full screen display without notches and holes (though selfie camera placement in chin it's not ideal if you take many selfies or videocalls) with 6GB RAM, NFC, wireless charging for 325EUR, don't expect jack (adapter provided) and SD slot. Honor 10 offer worse, but still very good camera for 40EUR less. Then you have last year Xiaomi flagship Mi8, which it's basically Mix 2s with bigger AMOLED display with MASSIVE notch (see Pocophone F1) minus wireless charging and cost 350EUR. Some people would say Pocophone F1 has also good camera for good price (especially with gcam), but it comes with big compromises mentioned above. Alternatives to Mix 2s would be Huawei P20 (not Pro), Samsung S8, though they all cost more and not really offer improvements over Mix 2s.

More expensive phones offer (slightly) better cameras, waterproofing, wireless charging and newest SoC, which don't really make much different compared to last category. If you want the best cameras in market check Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro, P30 Pro, Samsung plays second league and unless you find great promotion for S9 it's not really worth the money.

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