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Xiaomi releases their 4K 49" Mi TV 2 in their another publicity stunt once again - noobs reaching climax

IT - 16.05.2014 - Markoff

So Xiaomi did it once again. They got worldwide tech press attention by releasing something they don't really have, something you can (pre)order and pray to get delivered within upcoming few months when will Xiaomi waits until all other manufacturers/companies release their cheaper competitors to finally release their now announced product. Because nowadays doesn't matter what you actually sell to customers, but what you announce and how big hype you are able to build. It's sad to see this trend followed by other companies like Oppo/OnePlusOne (BBK), when they announce and promise something but they don't actually deliver. This happened with each and every Xiaomi product and it's no reason to think Mi TV2 will be any different.

Noobs in US and EU are reaching climax when reading about 4K 49" Smart TV from glorious Xiaomi for 3999RMB (470EUR) not realizing that Xiaomi sells these TVs in China (price abroad would be for sure higher because of custom fees, VAT, warranty, transportation). Yes, it's same China where you can go to regular eshop (being one of the most famous) and order 4K 50" Smart TV for 3999RMB (470EUR). Yes, you read correctly, you can have one inch bigger screen size, little bit worse Android HW, no extra speakers, but you can order it today and you don't have to wait at least few weeks or even months as with Xiaomi TV/products.

Usually there are 2 groups of people excited with Xiaomi products:
- noobs abroad not familiar with Chinese market and Chinese brands at all,
- Xiaomi fanboys knowing only Xiaomi brand and completely ignoring dozen of other brands offering better deals with mobiles, tablet, TVs or whatever else Xiaomi will decide to put their sticker on.

And then there is 3rd group which is not so excited, people who are aware what is actually available on market, what you can buy today and no matter if they are based in China or not, they don't get so excited about Xiaomi publicity stunts. Because what matters is who can deliver, not who you promise/announce.

Let's not forget to mention few things:
- Xiaomi is selling their products directly cutting away middlemen like which are for sure taking on 4000RMB (470EUR) TV commission at least 200RMB (that's very pessimistic guess, more likely it will be even more which will easily cover those "fancy" speakers),
- there is very little HD content available in China and even less in 4K, so basically these TVs are completely useless in China and you are perfectly fine with Full HD TV which cost almost half price (50" Full HD LED TV start around 2700-2900RMB (315-340EUR) which will buy you already Haier (Leader) brand, if you feel adventurous you can try Rowa or HKC which have both good review), if you want HD content you have to pay for some streaming service subscription and here comes Xiaomi again and makes even more money on selling you their services.

So let's sum it up how great is Xiaomi's deal - they sell you TV for which you have to wait weeks (unlike other noname companies which can deliver tomorrow), they cut out middlemen to earn even few hundreds more than other company+eshop sharing their profits and they force you into buying their subscription paid service earning even more money at you. Somehow I don't find Xiaomi as some generous company which is selling products without margin because they like their customers. You should be also aware that internet speeds in China are in general horrible (unlike Europe, but comparable with lousy archaic internet connections in US) so good luck streaming 4K content to enjoy 4K TV, actually good luck streaming at least HD content.

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