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Solution to issue with disappearing app sync accounts (e.g. in Android Jelly Bean 4.1/4.2/4.3 after restart/reboot/shutdown of the phone/tablet

IT - 23.10.2013 - Markoff

Do you have (paid) widget/launcher/keyboard/app which is creating own account (in System settings\Accounts) and this disappear losing all your settings/data after restart/reboot/shutdown? Have you migrated recently from GMail to, created account in your phone, synced all your contacts and calendar to just to find that account (and your Contacts/Calendar events) keep disappearing after restart of the phone? You may have tried to create and set up your account again and again and again just to find that after restart of the phone/tablet your app account keep disappearing which is extremely frustrating. This is known bug #34880 of Android 4.1.1 and all devices using Android 4.1.1 were affected by this bug (no matter if rooted or stock) and while Google fixed this issue in their Nexus phones partially in 4.1.2 release and in general since 4.2.1 release, other brands like Samsung didn't implement solution in new firmware and this problem persist there even in Android 4.2.x and 4.3 (Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4). So much for bad news, but I have also good news for you - there is workaround how to fix this by yourself if there is no official update for your phone/tablet addressing this issue, for more information read solution bellow.

I won't go into deep details why is this happening - it's basically problem with app accessing encrypted data (usually used by paid apps or something behind password like free E-mail/IM clients or even launchers) before specific folder (mnt/asec) is mounted during boot of Android system. If you are interested in details read thread related to this bug.

Solution how to fix this extremely annoying bug of Android Jelly Bean 4.1.x/4.2.x/4.3:
1. Check if app with disappearing account (System settings\Accounts) is not installed on SD card, if it's installed on SD card move the app to Internal storage of your phone/tablet and create account again, which should solve the issue for most of the users and account should be preserved after restart/shutdown. This worked for me and my Chinese phone with Android 4.1.1.

2. If first step doesn't help, you can try to backup your app using Titanium Backup or extract just APK using APK Extractor. Then uninstall app and MANUALLY install from APK and AVOID installation/update from Play Store. Maybe it would be good thing also before reinstall remove this app from your apps in Google/Play store if it still appears there even after uninstall. You can also contact your paid app developer, explain situation to him, ask for refund and install his app from alternate store like Amazon app store (or directly from APK) to send message to Google. The reason is that (older version of) Google/Play Store contained bug where it was installing apps and their data to bad location (no access during startup/shutdown to SD card unlike Internal storage) which was causing this problem, so if you will experience this problem after update of your app through Google/Play Store it's possible that old(er) version of Google/Play store in your phone is causing this problem (in newer version apps should be installed to Internal storage by default if necessary) and try to update your Google/Play store to as latest as possible for you or use alternate app store or download app APK directly from developer. The point is to install the app (which is using encrypted storage) by default to Internal storage to avoid this issue.

3. If moving the app to Internal storage and creating account and new installation from APK (and not through Google/Play Store) or alternate app store to Internal storage don't help there is still very small chance that moving app into folder with System apps could help, but that's last resort and not recommended, first two steps should work for everyone.

Conclusion - this problem is affecting people installing free apps through Google/Play Store and people buying paid apps and installing them through Google/Play Store. Users using pirated versions of paid apps or manually installing APKs of free apps are not affected by this problem, so figure out what to do in future by yourself!

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Dude, thanks a great bunch! :D From the time that bug started affecting my calendar, I thought it was a problem with the applications I was using the entire time.
21.04.2014 - 22:59

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