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How to root Amoi N820 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1/4.2.2 and install Google Play Store - ako spravit root na Amoi N820 a nainstalovat Play Store (11/2013)

IT - 18.01.2013 - Markoff

Steps I did to root my Amoi N820, maybe it's possible to do it even easier, but this was already easy, I just wasted lot of time figuring how to do it because I was always getting with different chinese root packages error messages during root process about unsuccessful mounting of the phone and SuperSU was not transfered into phone, so root was never successful.

UPDATE - try first very easy rooting application Framaroot installed into your mobile, it works for rooting Amoi N820 Android 4.2.2 so maybe it works also for earlier versions, just install into your mobile and try rooting, if it won't work for older Android than 4.2.2 then use steps below.

Moj postup ako som spravil root na Amoi N820, mozno sa to da spravit este jednoduchsie, ale toto je moj postup ktory fungoval a je beztak dost jednoduchy, kym som vsak na toto dosiel stravil som doteraz kopec casu vsetkymi moznymi podobnymi root utilitami ktore nefungovali kedze som sa akosi nedopracoval k druhemu kroku a hlasili pri rootovani chybu s mountovanim particie a transferom SuperSU aplikacii do mobilu, takze ma nikdy nenapadlo ju nasledne sam preniest do mobilu a spustit, ked som ocakaval ze to automaticky spravia rootovacie utility. UPDATE - skuste najprv rootovaciu utilitu Framaroot, staci ju instalnut do mobilu a rootne mobil bez hocicoho, funguje aspon pre Amoi N820 Android 4.2.2, starsie som neskusal, ak by neuspela tak mozete skusit klasicky postup nizsie.

How to root Amoi N820 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 easy way:
1. install USB driver (PDAnet for example, maybe not necessary if you already have USB drivers for phone in computer),
2. download and unpack Root many Android from Bin4ry,
3. copy SuperSU ZIP package to root of your mobile (maybe not necessary, you can do it later, just describing exactly my steps),
4. run runme.BAT file from Root many Android, follow instructions (press Restore), phone will restart and it should be rooted,
5. shutdown phone and power it on with Volume Up+Power and from CWM menu Install update/ZIP and choose SuperSU,
6. leave CWM and switch on/reboot the phone, on launch there will be Updating pop-up dialog (don't be scared) and your phone should be rooted and all apps can now ask for Root access rights.
During rooting process will be ALL your data/apps preserved and NOT lost despite "Restore" button, it's only to trick the phone.

Vcera vecer sa mi konecne podarilo rootnut moj Amoi N820 s JB 4.1.1. Root je velmi jednoduchy - pouzil som Root many Android od Binary, staci spustit batak (neviem ci je potrebne instalnut aj nejake USB drivery kedze som ich medzicasom pri skusani roznych sposobov nainstaloval kopec, postacujuci by mal byt PDAnet driver obsiahnuty v instalacke daneho softu), dat Restore na mobile ktore sa tam objavi a nasledne po skonceni rootovania vliezt do CWM (volume up+power) a odtial instalnut (update) ZIP subor so SuperSU a je to poriesene (ziadna strata akychkolvek udajov v mobile). S komplet odblokovanym telefonom hranie sa do jednej v noci po treti den po sebe, ked som studoval ako by sa dal updatenut CWM na anlicky kedze ho mam v cinstine a vsetko robim len naslepo odhadom co nie je ktovieco (asi by to chcelo vytvorit novy recovery.img a k nemu prilepit anglicky CWM, co je ale dost velka babracka, to sa skor vysomarim z tej cinstiny podla obrazkov z Google na porovnanie kde vlastne som). Este sprevadzkovat Google Play Store, ktory sa zavrie okamzite po otvoreni a bude vsetko poriesene.

How to install Google Play store on chinese phone (rooted Amoi N820, where Play store closes itself immediately after launch):
1. download appropriate package of Gapps (for 4.1.1 it's
2. copy it to memory card and install from Clockworkmod Recovery as update
3. Force close Google play store and play store services/recommendations and clear its data through Settings/Apps
4. download newest unrestricted no-update version of Play store (DPI 240) and copy it into rooted folder System/Apps and rename it there to Phonesky.apk and change its Permissions to same as other apps (all users Read, only on Write)

It's possible that maybe already after step 2 everything will be working fine, but it's important to have Phonesky.apk in System/Apps folder.

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Instalacia Play store je velmi jednoducha, staci si stiahnut kompletny balik Google apps z (pred stiahnutim si precitajte popis pre ktoru verziu je, pre 4.1.1 to je, toto nainstalovat cez CWM a nasledne zo Settings/Apps dat Clear data Google Play store a v rootnutom mobile v adresari System/Apps nahradit ci skopirovat (ak ziadna nie je) APK instalacku odblokovaneho Play store bez updateov a obmedzeni (DPI 240) a tu premenovat na Phonesky.apk a zmenit Permissions tak ako maju zvysne aplikacie v adresari, nasledne Play store po restarte fachci bez problemov.

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Komentarov: 6

ahoj, vdaka za tip na mobil, kupil som si n821 a uz par tyzdnov pouzivam N821_JB_GMS_V1.0.1, cize je to hned rootnute aj plne funkcny store.
Pls, nemas tip na nejaku novsiu a odskusanu verziu Androidu?
18.01.2013 - 16:43
viem ze su priamo aj verzie JB s GMS (google mobile store/services) a root, bohuzial mi prisli vsetky prekombinovane na flashovanie cez SP flashtool (scatter loader a ine nastavovacky), ja som flashol hned na zaciatku N820_JB_V2.0_USER_SD_UPDATE_2012-10-31 priamo z mobilu cez Clockworkmod Recovery zo ZIPu na tuto verziu JB 4.1.1 bez GMS a bez root a treba k tomu dohodit akurat ten root co nie je ziadny problem ked uz viem ako, akurat ten GMS je mensi problem ale az tak som to zase nestudoval

novsia ako 4.1.1 myslim nie je, cosi sa mi mari ze som kdesi zhliadol snad aj 4.1.2 ale nie som si tym uplne isty, zvacsa pozeram forum ale dokopy jedine co stoji za pozornost je ten GMS/root firmware od Death-king ktory ma posl. update vyladeny z konca decembra ale ako vravim prekombinovane flashovanie, vsetky co sli flashnut priamo zo ZIP z SD karty neobsahuju GMS/root

available firmware for Amoi N820/N821 (direct update through CWM from ZIP file from SD card doesn't contain root/GMS (Play store) but you won't lose any data, if you wanna root/GMS preloaded in firmware you must flash it more complicated way than through CWM and then also split partitions because they will be merged during flashing)

alternative LewaOS (MIUI clone) firmware for Amoi N820/N821, should be easier to flash, not sure about availability of root/GMS, in january 2013 should be releaed version with Android 4.1.2

Amoi N820 Andoid 4.1.2 firmware? not tested, possible to flash directly from SD card
4.1.1 supposedly rooted, update through SD card
19.01.2013 - 02:45
no peto ja mam huawei x5 ale nemam to rootnute al e v poslednej dobe mi baterka sa rychlo vybije asi to bude nejakym softom nevies poradit mam to rootnut ? pomoze to ? mam tam android 2.2 original ako som to kupil
19.01.2013 - 09:10
moja strucna recenzia Amoi N820 tu:
28.01.2013 - 11:29
Official firmware upgrade for Amoi N820/N821 to Android 4.2 available here together with links to filehosting

Unofficial modded version (incl. GMS/Play store, root, automatic voice recording, optionally merged partitions) from Death King
links for download DK version:
Tools N828

N820 normal partitions (240MB):
Merged partitions to 2.5GB, requires external SD card to proper function, not recommended:

N821 normal partitions:
Merged partitions to 2.5GB, requires external SD card to proper function, not recommended:

Because I am lazy I just downloaded official firmware N820_JB2_V1.1_USER_SD_UPDATE_2013-08-30 from first link, placed it into root of my SD card, updated through Clockworkmod recovery and then rooted easy using Framaroot:
short link for mobile to download APK:
02.11.2013 - 00:52
Because official stock update experience was not very nice and 4.2.2 felt quite laggy and also missing Play store and Google apps, which was resulting in unable to edit even Contacts information synced to account. This firmware had/changed my bootloader to stock, so when I went to recovery mode I saw Android lying on the floor with triangle and no options, I figured out I can get to options menu through Options capacitive button, I tried to install through here ZIP package with 4.2.2 appropriate GAPPS but this was always aborted. I had no other option than flash unofficial Death King firmware which has including already GMS (GAPPS, Google apps) and root and everything is working straight out of the box.

You need to download three packages - N820 death king modded firmware with NORMAL (not merged) partitions since I didn't want to risk any trouble without SD card if therewould be some problem with SD card, I also downloaded N828 Tools package from where I extracted only SP flashing tool, you can ignore driver archive. Third package is not linked above but you have to download PDAnet software which has very good Android ADB drivers and provides the easiest way how to install Android ADB drivers compared to other solutions:

If you have all three packages in your computer you can follow my steps:

0. Back up all data on cellphone, charge it to at least 60% battery, do not connect it to the PC yet. Plug in USB end of the USB - micro-USB cable into the PC.

1. Install ADB driver included with PDAnet install package following installation instructions.
2. Unpack 20130904_N820_JB2_AMOI.rar
3. Unpack
4. Switch off the phone, unplug from computer (if plugged/enabled).
5. Launch better as administrator Flash_tool.exe file. Click on "Scatter-loading" and point to the FIRMWARE folderMT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt.
6. Hit F8 or click on 'Firmware -> Upgrade'.
7. Hold down the Volume Down button and connect the phone to the PC. The button can be released when the red bar starts moving.
8. After "Firmware Upgraded" window shows, unplug phone, reboot, install and enjoy.

EDIT: THis phone is compatible with Micromax A110 which has still ROMs in development and according rumors from Micromax there should be KitKat 4.4 update in Q2/2014, we will see, stay tuned at A110 forum here:
06.11.2013 - 16:47

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