What Android smartphone should I buy? (European/global edition April 2019)


All options/prices are for European market for phones from European distribution with European warranty, but apply pretty much worldwide (especially in Asia which has even lower prices and more options) with exception of USA/Canada which use exotic 4G LTE standards, so we won't be dealing with these special snowflakes here. If you find recommendations here outdated or need more information head every Thursday to What should I buy pinned thread in r/Android. If you want quickly filter through bunch of phones, compare the phones and see your options head to Kimovil (or GSMarena, although with worse filtering options, but Kimovil sometimes miss data), where you will find also options to buy from Aliexpress and Chinese shops, where it's risk your shipment will be slapped with 20% VAT (or whatever it's your local VAT, customs fee it's usually negligible amount) and trouble dealing with warranty, in general not really worth consideration with EU prices 30-50EUR higher for no risk of additional VAT and proper EU warranty.

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Lenovo A8 (A806) Golden Warrior WCDMA 4G Kit Kat Android smartphone review and experiences (Part 2) + how to root Lenovo A8/A806/A808 and install Google Play Store/apps and Xposed with AOSP ROM + English TWRP recovery


In 1st part I described what is current situation in market with mostly MT6592 smartphones and why I chose Lenovo A8. Here are the official specifications (detail photos with disassembled phone + another photos) - 1.66GHz 28nm octacore (8-core) CPU Mediatek MT6592 as in most of the MT6592 phones paired together with Mali 450 GPU and 2GB RAM (1980MB according CPU-Z), 5" 720P display (not Full HD, but whatever - 294ppi (320dpi), at least it should run smoother with lower load on CPU/GPU), 16GB internal ROM storage (12.68GB according CPU-Z, system should take ~2GB out of it, so you should have available around 10.5GB storage) expandable by microSD card slot up to 32GB card (maybe moe unofficially), 4.12mm bezel on sides (by my inaccurate measurement 4-4.5mm) is optically little bit smaller thanks to silver frame around edges of the phone, 2G 900/1800MHz, 3G WCDMA 900/2100MHz, dual 4G TD-LTE + FDD-LTE, 2500mAh/9.5Wh Li-Ion Lenovo BL229 battery, 13MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 5MP selfie (front) camera, next to rear camera mono speaker, single (!) Full size SIM card (no need any cutting or adapters, I ain't missing 2nd SIM card slot at all), dimensions 140.5x70.5x8.99mm with display covering 69.57% of front surface area. GPS, Wifi, Wifi Direct, BT4.0, FM radio are standard. Android 4.4.2 out of the box (although quite difficult to root compared to other Chinese phones, how to root is at the end of the post) with Lenovo VIBE UI 2.0 on top of it, which I upgraded immediately OTA/WiFi to newest official stable 1432 build. Phone (WCDMA version A806) was released to market in July 2014, TD-SCDMA version (A808T) 1 month earlier with 100RMB lower official price - 798RMB for TD-SCDMA+TD-LTE China Mobile version, 898RMB (111EUR) for WCDMA+FDD/TD-LTE China Unicom version, bought from one of the most famous Chinese electronics brick stores Suning (the other one would be Dazhong, these two dominating CN brick el. store market), although I ordered it online, so very fresh model just after release basically without any English reviews.

UPDATE - added English how-to root Lenovo A8/A806/A808 and how to install Google apps (Gapps) like Play Store and other and how to install Xposed and AOSP ROM, together with links for download. Camera sample photos taken in maximum quality, then resized to 1600px and saved sa 88% quality progressive JPEG in IrfanView.

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Lenovo A8 (A806) WCDMA 4G Kit Kat Android smartphone review and experiences + current situation at Chinese middle class smartphones market (Part 1)


Since my MT6577 Android 4.2 smartphone Amoi N820 (1GB RAM, 4.5" qHD) is after almost 2 years aging (although still quite smooth since I keep it neat/optimized, but since I work with newest prototypes of phones from biggest CN brands of course I am aware that smoothness is not on par with nowadays standards, but for someone who doesn't really know anything better it's still quite nice phone especially for 0 price I will be giving it away) and I plan to give it away soon I was in market for new replacement.

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Xiaomi releases their 4K 49" Mi TV 2 in their another publicity stunt once again - noobs reaching climax


So Xiaomi did it once again. They got worldwide tech press attention by releasing something they don't really have, something you can (pre)order and pray to get delivered within upcoming few months when will Xiaomi waits until all other manufacturers/companies release their cheaper competitors to finally release their now announced product. Because nowadays doesn't matter what you actually sell to customers, but what you announce and how big hype you are able to build. It's sad to see this trend followed by other companies like Oppo/OnePlusOne (BBK), when they announce and promise something but they don't actually deliver. This happened with each and every Xiaomi product and it's no reason to think Mi TV2 will be any different.

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Raketova bublina Litecoin ktora vam moze zarobit stovky percent zisku behom dni (a pripravit vas o ne behom par hodin)


Litecoin (LTC) takisto ako ako Bitcoin (BTC) su kryptomeny. Podla Wikipedie je kryptomena P2P decentralizovana digitalna mena fungujuca na principoch kryptografie, kedy sa overuju a vykonava transakcie a tiez produkuje samotna mena (mince) procesom ktory sa nazyva tazenie/dolovanie (digging). Pri nom pocitace (ci dnes uz skor specializovane stroje) vykonavaju velmi zlozite a casovo narocne matematicke operacie synchronizovane po celom svete a ludia (mineri) ktori poskytuju tuto infrastrukturu pre fungovanie meny su za tuto aktivitu odmeneni obcasne mincami ktore sa uvolnuju do celej siete podla presne definovaneho kluca. Tieto meny maju volny zdrojovy kod, kde sa nikomu doteraz nepodarilo najst tak zavaznu chybu aby mohol prist lahko k minciam/peniazom, takze tieto meny bezia bezpecne a neregulovane bez akejkolvek vlady a ich hodnotu vytvara to za kolko su ich obycajni ludia ochotni kupit, kedze ziskat mincu tazenim/dolovanim je uz dnes na beznom pocitaci prakticky nemozne. Postupom casu zlozitost mat. operacii a naroky na hardware totiz stupaju a naklady na elektrinu by boli pravdepodobne vyssie nez zisk. Pochopitelne ak by chcela nejaka vlada zmanipulovat menu tak by stacilo zjednodusene zapojit vladne superpocitace a zacat tazit a nasledne pouzit tieto mince na rozkyvanie trhov a mali by existovat sposoby aj dalsie sposoby napadnutia, ktore vsak vyzaduju taky vypoctovy vykon ze je to naozaj tazko realizovatelne.

Asi ste uz poculi o kryptomene bitcoin, ktora sa vo vlnach zaujmu objavuje kazdych par mesiacov aj v mainstreamovych/najcitanejsich mediach. Zaujem medii sposobi jej posilovanie/rast resp. jej posilovanie/rast sposobi zaujem medii, tazko povedat co je prve ako u vajca a sliepky. Ja by som si ale stavil na prvotny zaujem medii netykajuci sa na zaciatku bezprostredne posilovania, ale trebars aj negativnej reklamy ze najvacsi "anonymny" cierny trh s drogami, zbranami a najomnymi vrahmi Silk Road kde sa platilo bitcoinmi bol zavrety 1.10.2013 agenturou FBI. Toto sposobilo bitcoinu len male zakopnutie v jeho hodnote, kedy spadol z nejakych 130-140USD na 80USD a spamatal sa z toho behom par hodin a nasledne kedze stale zostal v pozornosti medii toto sposobilo jeho nasledny narast, ked sa behom 1.5 mesiaca dostal skoro na osemnasobok vtedajsej hodnoty. Kto chce nech vyuzije Google Trends a pozrie si frekvenciu hladania pojmov tykajucich sa bitcoin resp. jeho frekvenciu spominania v mediach a zisti pomerne velku previazanost medzi vyskytom v mediach a rastom, ktory je nasledne dodatocnym zaujmom medii len akcelerovany novymi ludmi skusajucimi stastie v tomto systeme.

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Real life browser memory usage comparison - Chrome 30, Firefox 25, IE11 and Opera 17


Being long time user of Chrome (and quite big fan of IE10) I finally decided one month ago to move away from Google spyware app and their ecosystem and another reason was also that browser was so heavy on memory it could temporarily freeze laptop with more tabs open (less than 2 years old Centrino laptop with 2GB RAM) for minutes or even longer. After easy migration from Chrome to Opera (missing only built-in translation) I gave a try to Firefox 25 which made (Hacker) news yesterday.

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Solution to issue with disappearing app sync accounts (e.g. Outlook.com) in Android Jelly Bean 4.1/4.2/4.3 after restart/reboot/shutdown of the phone/tablet


Do you have (paid) widget/launcher/keyboard/app which is creating own account (in System settings\Accounts) and this disappear losing all your settings/data after restart/reboot/shutdown? Have you migrated recently from GMail to Outlook.com, created account in your phone, synced all your contacts and calendar to Outlook.com just to find that Outlook.com account (and your Contacts/Calendar events) keep disappearing after restart of the phone? You may have tried to create and set up your account again and again and again just to find that after restart of the phone/tablet your app account keep disappearing which is extremely frustrating. This is known bug #34880 of Android 4.1.1 and all devices using Android 4.1.1 were affected by this bug (no matter if rooted or stock) and while Google fixed this issue in their Nexus phones partially in 4.1.2 release and in general since 4.2.1 release, other brands like Samsung didn't implement solution in new firmware and this problem persist there even in Android 4.2.x and 4.3 (Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4). So much for bad news, but I have also good news for you - there is workaround how to fix this by yourself if there is no official update for your phone/tablet addressing this issue, for more information read solution bellow.

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Chuwi V88S - iPad mini clone Android 4.4.2 review with photos and how to root + newest official KitKat firmware 140418 (update 6/2014)


Chuwi V88s is one of many Chinese "noname" iPad mini clones, which is quite annyoing considering the reason I buy Android tablet it's because I don't like Apple/iOS locked ecosystem, but Chinese companies have sadly the best offer in this segment. Since 7" widescreen display was too small for me (main purpose - surfing, playing simple games, watching streamed videos) and previously ordered Teclast A11 (RK3066) with widescreen 10.1" 1280x800 display was too heavy weighting 680g I end up with only 7.85-8" form factor option. Because the biggest progress between CPUs, thickness/narrow bezel/weight is at iPad Mini clones I had to end up ordering its clone in white color, which I don't like and would prefer black or basically any other color than white, but once again Chinese producers don't understand this and 95% of them offer only white color of Apple for people who don't want Apple. 8" with 0.15" larger display weights much more in relative numbers (~310 vs 350-420g) plus bezel is usually much thicker, so I end up deciding between 7.85" alternatives, because that 0.15" is not worthy of downsides it brings. Previously ordered Teclast A11 with RK3066 CPU got broken after 3-4 days of light use (total maybe 16-20 hours), where speaker stopped working and randomly worked or not depending on squeezing tablet. I used this chance to return and get rid off it because it had also quite weak wifi reception (70dB at best) + 10.1" 1280x800 IPS display where is not problem to see individual pixels is quite disapointing.

My real life photos of Chuwi V88s with captions

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Odporucane najlepsie Android aplikacie pre vas mobil - zoznam (update 12/2014)


Priebezne aktualizovany uzitocny prehlad aplikacii v mojom mobile. Celkovo som odporca socialnych sieti, takze v prehlade nenajdete Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest a obdobne modne aplikacie. Co sa tyka synchronizovanych poznamok (hacknute nie bezpecne Evernote) som zastancom jednoduchsich rieseni ako textovy subor (v mobile ci Skydrive) prip. ako draft (koncept?) v Outlook.com (odporucam prejst na Outlook.com, daleko pouzitelnejsie prostredie, integrovany Skype/FB/GTalk chat...) alebo pripomienka v kalendari. Co sa hier tyka mam radsej jednoduchsie na par minut a predstava tahania nejakej velkej hry ci hrania dlhsi cas ma nelaka, takze zamerane skor na dospelych ludi. Oproti predoslemu prehladu aplikacii v mojom starsom mobile, ktory som pouzival pri cestovani po juhovychodnej Azii (SEA) + Cine a bol zamerany na cestovanie, pri zivote v Cine vyuzivam mobil uz ako vacsina ludi, ktori sa vracaju kazdy den domov k pocitacu (a nie su v kuse v pohybe na ceste odkazani na mobil ako hlavny komunikacny kanal), takze nie som vyslovene zavisly na mobile ako nahrade za laptop.

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How to root Amoi N820 Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1/4.2.2 and install Google Play Store - ako spravit root na Amoi N820 a nainstalovat Play Store (11/2013)


Steps I did to root my Amoi N820, maybe it's possible to do it even easier, but this was already easy, I just wasted lot of time figuring how to do it because I was always getting with different chinese root packages error messages during root process about unsuccessful mounting of the phone and SuperSU was not transfered into phone, so root was never successful.

UPDATE - try first very easy rooting application Framaroot installed into your mobile, it works for rooting Amoi N820 Android 4.2.2 so maybe it works also for earlier versions, just install into your mobile and try rooting, if it won't work for older Android than 4.2.2 then use steps below.

Moj postup ako som spravil root na Amoi N820, mozno sa to da spravit este jednoduchsie, ale toto je moj postup ktory fungoval a je beztak dost jednoduchy, kym som vsak na toto dosiel stravil som doteraz kopec casu vsetkymi moznymi podobnymi root utilitami ktore nefungovali kedze som sa akosi nedopracoval k druhemu kroku a hlasili pri rootovani chybu s mountovanim particie a transferom SuperSU aplikacii do mobilu, takze ma nikdy nenapadlo ju nasledne sam preniest do mobilu a spustit, ked som ocakaval ze to automaticky spravia rootovacie utility. UPDATE - skuste najprv rootovaciu utilitu Framaroot, staci ju instalnut do mobilu a rootne mobil bez hocicoho, funguje aspon pre Amoi N820 Android 4.2.2, starsie som neskusal, ak by neuspela tak mozete skusit klasicky postup nizsie.

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What are QQ client alternatives and why you should not use official QQ client


QQ is biggest instant messaging (IM) network from China and 2nd largest social network in world (after Facebook), but it's relatively unknown in rest of the world. If you will travel to China or communicate with people from China you will find out that QQ it's heavily used by half ot the population and without QQ you are lost, because it's more important to stay in touch than mobile number, so if you plan to visit China you should set up QQ account in advance and maybe make friends before going there. The most characteristic sound for nowadays China would be QQ new message notification, which you can hear everywhere - in subway, in restaurants, in barber's shop, in work office, on street or from your chinese flatmate's room - everywhere, because in all these places there is at least one computer running QQ for amusement of staff. It's probably used more than mobile messaging (SMS), because of better price (30MB in China costs about 5RMB (0.6EUR/0.8USD) and it's enough for whole month).

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Moje Android aplikacie a hry - zoznam 58 Top aplikacii pre Android


V KL som si kupil po dlhsom case novy telefon (resp. novy som nemal nikdy kedze kupovat novy mobil je rovnaky nezmysel ako nove auto kedy oboje po opusteni predajne okamzite stratia hodnotu, ale v MY som velmi na vyber nemal) a kedze ponuka telefonov s Wifi (kvoli comu som chcel novy mobil, inak spokojny so Symbian N6120c) bola dost tragicka ak som nechcel riskovat nejaku cinsku napodobeninu Nokia ci nejaky noname cinsky smejd bez OS.

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RapidShare limity su nepostacujuce a skusenosti s neobmedzenym T-Com Internet Turbo 2


O tom preco niektorym nestacia limity RapidShare (150GB za mesiac :-)) a ako fachci DSLko od T-Com.

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Demystifikacia RapidShare + Paypal a platenie na Slovensku


Brano si z pre mna nepochopitelnych dovodov objednal RapidShare Premium Account (RSPA) cez ceskeho autorizovaneho predajcu (za 300Sk/mes) a kedze som tam napisal relativne obsiahly komentar, ktory demystifikuje famu o Paypal dam ho sem nech si ho precita viac ludi.

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Co je to RapidShare pre neznalych (vysvetlenie)


Mala to byt sucast nasledujuceho clanku, ale radsej to dam pre neznalych zvlast pre prehladnost a nech tym nezatazujem ludi co by si nic nove neprecitali.

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