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Malaysia 10-14 days (2 weeks) itinerary for first time visit of country (update 6/2013)

Malajzia - 17.07.2013 - Markoff

I've been in Malaysia many times and spent there together few months, but went there this year in June 2013 with friend who was going there for first time, so here are my notes what to visit in what order in Malaysia if you have 10-14 days (2 weeks) time and you travel on low budget and wanna see as much as possible but without spending all time in buses/trains and just checking list.

Kuala Lumpur
(all accommodations in all places have price for 2 people and 1 night in double room)
BOOKED Transit Point Bed & Breakfast, Jalan Sultan - Aircon, shared bathroom, 55MYR - not recommended
better for same price 55MYR (6/2013) AC double with shared bathroom - Grocer's Inn, middle of Jalan Sultan in not appealing alley, but clean basic room with AC and nice shared facilities
OR worth checking Economy room (double fan (!) w private bathroom) in Hotel China town Inn for 52MYR+16%=60MYR total price (haven't seen, only on internet)
Tanah rata
Cameronian inn (stayed here before, OK accommodation) - double SH BR 40MYR (SH=shared BR=bathroom)
Twin pines (behind unfinished building) - double SH BR 35MYR, private BR 50MYR
Number 8 GH (Behind Twin pines) - double 50MYR
KRS pines - double PR BR - 60MYR (PR BR=private bathroom)
Daniel traveller's lodge - for teenagers/party crowd, 50-80MYR
Penang, Georgetown
Jalan Muntri street:
Star Lodge - double AC private BR - 50MYR (2013), same without AC 40MY (stayed here, highly recommended, clean room, nice owners, quiet, good location)
Oriental GH - double fan SH BR - 35-40MYR (2012)
75 travellers lodge - double fan SH BR 32MYR, double AC private BR - 45MYR (2012), 25-35MYR??
street Lebuh chulia:
Banana New GH - double fan SH BR 25MYR, double fan Private BR 50MYR (AC 70MYR)
Hang chow hotel (very end of street, north) - double AC private BR - 50MYR (2012)
Love lane:
Love lane Inn - double sh BR 32-50MYR

FLIGHTS from Beijing
Air Asia, direct flight PEK-KUL 800-1200RMB one way
Scoot, direct flight Tianjin-Singapore from 900RMB one way (55RMB Beijing-Tianjin fast train and local bus to airport or 25RMB bus from Beijing to Tianjin airport)

INTENDED ITINERARY (recommended minimum length of stay in days):
KL-1 (but I guess 2 to not rush is enough, no need more than 2, very bad value for accommodation, the worst from visited places, in the end we stayed 2)
Cameron Highlands-2 (bare minimum, no problem to stay longer 3-4 days if you enjoy hiking, we stayed 0)
Penang-2 (bare minimum, no problem 3-4, we stayed 3)
Perhentian islands-3 (depends how much you enjoy swimming.snorkelling.diving, nothing else to do there and not good value for food, we stayed 2)
KL/Melaka-1 (Melaka no more than 1-1.5 day, if longer it's tourist trap, we stayed 1 night in Melaka)
BUT strongly recommended maximum 3-4 places for 10-11 days (skip Cameron Highlands OR Melaka), 5 is way too many, so should skip one of these if staying only 10-11 days, if 2 weeks you can do all 5.

9.6. SUNDAY - Kuala Lumpur
airport bus to city 8MYR (Aerobus from LCCT to KL Sentral), check in at 1PM (but we could leave there baggage somewhere at reception)
1. dataran merdeka + national museum?
2. national mosque/masjid negara (close before noon, it's the best time to visit, in the afternoon only open for 2 hours altogther after 3:30 and around 5:30)
3. KL gardens (+police museum?) + bird/orchid/butterfly park?
4. chinatown/little india walking
10.6. MONDAY - Kuala Lumpur
1. Batu caves (train from Kuala Lumpur railway station in walking distance from Chinatown)
2. KLCC park + KLCC convention centre + Petronas TT + nearby shopping malls + KL tower viewpoint (47MYR!)
11.6. TUESDAY - Kuala Lumpur to Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands) OR Penang
Pudu Sentral (puduraya) - counter 37 Kurnia bistari bus to tanah rata, departures 9AM 10AM (4.5hr ride) - 29MYR
Pudu Sentral (puduraya) - Unititi ekspres (C41 0830 1030) 35MYR, Alisan (C17/45 0830 0930) 37MYR
OR KL to Butterworth 4hr - 28-33MYR if bad weather -> skip CH and Penang/Perhentian/Melaka
(Boh/Bharat) tea plantations in the afternoon after arriving to Tanah Rata if not too tired

12.6. WEDNESDAY - Tanah rata
trail to mountain/other tea plantations, bus every hour 1.5MYR
13.6. THURSDAY - Tanah Rata to Penang
Tanah Rata to Butterworth/Penang 4hrs - unititi express 8AM 1430 32MYR, kurnia bistari 8AM 1430 33MYR
walk around penang after arrival if not too tired - town/city hall, museum (1MYR), Fort Cornwallis (2MYR, not worth), Queen Victoria clock tower, Little india, Chinatown, coast, budhist (burma lane) and chinese temples
14.6. FRIDAY Penang
walk around and options - Botanic garden (bus 204/10 2MYR), Penang hill (cable car 30MYR! expensive, no bus, only hike or taxi), Kek Lok Si temple (bus 203/2MYR to Air Itam), National park on northwest coast...
15.6. SATURDAY- Penang to Kuala Besut/Perhentian
walk around Penang (Batu Feringhi (Hard rock hotel, "beach"), western coast/park), evening bus to Kuala Besut from Komtar building GSM (Persada, something Sweet Harmony) to Kuala Besut jetty, this bus is not available but there are other companies from Komtar from 65MYR
OR Butterworth to Jerteh (<6hrs, Mutiara 10PM 43MYR, SP Bumi 9PM 42MYR) and then taxi 20MYR from Jerteh petrol station to Kuala Bessut ferry
16.6. SUNDAY - Perhentian Kecil
morning 1st ferry 8AM, 70MYR return ticket, beach

17.6. MONDAY - Perhentian Kecil
beach, snorkelling (5MYR snorkelling gear in Shari-la beach or 10MYR other places, Shari-la has best snorkelling), snorkelling trip 25-35MYR, fun dive 75MYR, introductionary dive 3hrs 175MYR
18.6. TUESDAY - Perhentian, night bus to KL
last day on beach
leaving Perhentian during daytime, evening bus to KL from Jerteh, taxi from Kuala Besut to Jerteh bus station 20MYR (no bargaining)
Jerteh-KL - Sani expres 9:30PM 43MYR, Mahligai express 8:30PM 9:00PM 44MYR
Jerteh-Melaka - Cepat ekspres 9:30PM 42MYR
there are also buses going from Kuala Besut, but dunno prices and departures, the cheapest is take public bus for 6MYR from Kuala Besut to Khota Bharu and take bus to KL/Melaka from there avoiding taxi to Jerteh, no public bus from KBesut to Jerteh!

19.6. WEDNESDAY - Kuala Lumpur/Melaka
evening 7PM flight home to Beijing
Metrobus from Melaka Sentral to Kuala Lumpur Terminal bersepadu selatan for 9.2MYR/1.5hrs.

SKIP Cameron highlands (if rain) and then - KL->Penang->Perhentian->Melaka (1 night) -> KL - this is what we did in the end, 2 nights in KL, 3 nights + 4th evening night bus to Perhentian, 2 nights in Perhentian and 3rd evening night bus to Melaka, 1 night in Melaka and next evening fly back to Beijing, so totally 10 nights and almost 11 full days in Malaysia

EVEN better would be reverse loop KL->Melaka->KL/Perhentian Islands (more buses if passing again through KL)->Penang->Cameron Higlands->KL, because of no risky overnight transfer from islands by boat and bus.
KL itinerary (but must start early morning or start maybe with mosque, because it's closing at noon):
1. dataran merdeka + museum?
2. national mosque/masjid negara
3. KL gardens (+police museum?) + bird/orchid/butterfly park?
4. chinatown/little india walk
5. KLCC park + KLCC convention centre + Petronas twin towers + KL tower view
6. Batu caves
Theoretically doable within one tiring rushing day with skipping Batu caves and good timing at mosque.

Cameron highlands - tea plantations, lot of trekking in beautiful jungle, pleasant cooler climate to relax from heat elsewhere, but often rainy.

Penang - nice historical chinese streets with temples, colonial british architecture (town/city hall + fort, churches), amazing although small Little india (best in MY), botanical garden, FOOD everywhere, Penang hill.

Perhentian - only relax with snorkelling and doing nothing, snorkelling trip 25MYR+, fun dive 75MYR+.

Melaka - nice chinatown, nice portuguese/dutch architecture (stadthuys), ruins of church on hilll with view, wooden old sultanate building below hill and nearby museums, church at town square, jonker street, chinese temples, hindu temple and mosque (all 3 of them in one street paralel to Jonker street), nice walk at river promenade in evening ala Venice, Menara Taming Sari viewpoint (tower), Mahkota parade shopping mall. We saw all of this except sultanate and Tamin sari within one day, perfectly doable, just start at Taming sari (museum street), go to east to sultanate, then to hill, from hill down to city centre, then Chinatown, then rest at home, later in evening do the river promenade and shopping in malls. Avoid Melaka on weekends and national holidays, during workdays it's much more pleasant and has huge offer of rooms, we stayed in M Internationall Inn hotel (Jalan PM3) in small but clean AC room with attached bathroom for 50MYR (newly open 5/2013).


Things to bring/pack (for hot country like Malaysia):
passport visa camera mobile
power adapter US-EU (Malay sockets have two rounded prongs, just need to use key or anything to unlock 3rd safety hole)
t-shirts/shirts (3-4)
sunglasses (didn't use)
hoodie (must have only for bus transfers)
tooth brush
toothpaste (small size 30g/ml) + shower gel (small travel size)

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Dobrý den,

ráda bych se příští měsíc vydala na Perhentian Kencil. Mohu položit pár dotazů? Poradíte mi?
1. ubytování: Kolik přibližně stojí ubytování na noc pro 2 osoby, pokud si něco najdu až tam, nejspíše low cost?
2. Poletíme z KL do Khota Baru. Máme se pak k lodi apod. dopravovat taxi či je jiný typ dopravy? A na plavidlo dopravující Vás na ostrov jste nastoupil kde?
3. Nejspíše zůstaneme 4-6 dní a to přece jen bude na užití vody až moc. Je možné se tam někde po okolí (ne přímo na ostrově) porozhlédnout a podívat se i na nějakou kulturní památku či netypické místo? Poradíte mi, pokud máte nějakou zkušenost?

Předem děkuji za odpověď.
13.03.2015 - 16:37
1. tu je prehlad ubytiek, my sme byvali pravdepodobne v najvyhodnejsom za 50MYR v Ewans place, lacnejsie to asi ani velmi nepojde, jedine ak tak niekde v dormitory mozno za 30-40MYR v Shari-la ci inde ale nestudoval som ceny dormitory, vo dvojici sa beztak dormitory vobec neoplati takze ratajte minimalne s 50-60MYR, jednoznacne odporucam Ewans place, ak sa da rezervovat tak tak skoro ako len mozete uz z Europy ci okamzite cez niekoho po prichode do malajzie kedze inak ako telefonicky asi rezervacia nepojde

2. ako je to s prepravou a lodmi je v linku uvedenom vyssie, konkretne z letiska khota baru sa da zobrat priamo taxik alebo sa vratit do khota baru a vziat odtial bus do jerteh ci kuala besut, v pripade jerteh vziat dalsi bus ci taxik do kuala besut odkial vyrazaju lode, moznosti je kopec v zavislosti na cene a case prichodu, v pripade nezabookovaneho ubytka na ostrove vsak neratajte s tym ze najdete nieco ine nez nechutne diery ci drahe ubytka ak nebudete vylozene na prvej lodi a okamzite z lode upalovat do ubytka a vziat ho bez vahania

3. na perhentian sa nic okrem plavania, snorchlovania a potapania robit neda, su tam dve miniaturne turisticke osady s plazami a potom jedna velmi vzdialena lokalne dedina kde nic nie je takze tam velmi nie je dovod chodit cez dzunglu s komarmi, jedine vyzitie mimo ostrov je zaplatit si snorchlovaci trip na clne von na more, 6 dni mi pride dost prehnane ak sa nejdete vylozene potapat, potapanie je tam za velmi ludove ceny, bez potapania neodporucam viac ako 3 max. 4 noci ale aj to by ma zozrala nuda, radsej zvysne noci stravit niekde na pevnine
13.03.2015 - 16:47
Dobrý den,

děkuji za rychlou odpověď. Už jsem z toho celá zmatená.:)Hledám a hledám ubytování. Mám poslední dotaz. Je celkem jedno, na kterém z ostrovů budu ubytovaná - zda na Kencil nebo Besar?
13.03.2015 - 19:12
vacsi Besar je daleko drahsi s vacsimi rezortmi, plaze posudit neviem, nebol som tam, je to skor urcene pre bohatsich package turistov, mensi ostrov sa vola Kecil (s makkym C), nie Kencil, Ewan's Place sa rezervovat cez ziadne bookovacie systemy pokial viem neda, jedine na nich skusit zohnat nejako kontakt cez ich Facebook stranku ktora sa da najst lahko cez vyhladavac a zavolat tam, ak nie z Ceska tak okamzite po prilete do Malajzie event. byt na prvej rannej lodi a dufat ze niekto spravil checkout a maju nieco volne, ich restauracia ma tiez najvyhodnejsie ceny a slusne jedlo
13.03.2015 - 19:34
Ahoj/dobry den,
chystam se s kamaradkou do Malajsie - odlet 27.rijna, navrat 25. listopadu.

Chceme to vzít dost low-costově - vyhnout se masam turistu (coz by v tu dobu nemel byt problem), cestovat hlavne stopem a spat pod sirakem.

Chci se zeptat, jak se na divate? Je to pro dve zensky bezpecny? Uz jsem procestovala Filipiny a Jizni Vietnam, stopovala jsem jen na Filipinach, Vietnamu vladnou motorky. :)

Taky se chci zeptat na mista, kde je dobre pristupny primarni prales? Jsem ornitolozka a obecne biolozka, a obe bychom rady poznaly skutecny prales - ne ten pro turisty.

Diky za rady, Alca.
07.08.2016 - 01:57
malajzia je určite celkovo bezpečnejšia ako vietnam či filipíny

stop zrovna v SEA populĂĄrny nie je ale malo by sa daĹĽ

ohľadne pralesa viem len o taman negara, sám som v ňom však nebol, troška len v niečom podobnom džungli v tanah rata, osobné si myslím že na poriadny prales je vhodnejšia asi skôr indonézska sumatra či borneo ktoré je však aj chorobami aj kriminalitou niekde inde ako pevninská malajzia
08.08.2016 - 21:37
Uvažuju teď o Taman Negara, akorát nevím, jestli tam v listopadu nepromokneme..
.. a co vím já, tak Borneo už je natolik odlesněné, že je velmi obtížné najít pořádnou jungli.
10.08.2016 - 19:30

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